Tips For Testifying

Testifying At Your Hearing-Part 2

Avoid guessing at an answer unless you are asked to do so by a member of the court. If you are estimating, then you need to make sure the court knows that you are guessing.

Unless instructed, don’t volunteer any information. Less is sometimes better when it comes to the details of your case. You should also avoid making any kind of excuses or explanations. Simply answer the questions without providing anything else.

The hearing isn’t a time when you want to argue with the opposition. If there are any disagreements, leave it to the attorney to handle them as he can do so in a professional manner. If you try to debate a question or information, then it could paint you in a negative light. This can also annoy the judge who will ultimately decide your case.

When you are asked questions, don’t think about why they are being asked. All you need to do is give the answer so that the hearing can move forward. Don’t dwell on what questions will be asked in the future and how many questions you will have to answer.

Stick to the facts, and you should be fine during your hearing.

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