The uniform act is an inclusive act the states the situations that can lead to findings being rendered unenforceable in the legal process in any court of law. The fact that findings made by one party in case are availed in the court of law does not make it to qualify to be enforced by the court of law. The court will have to consider a number of factors even before the evidence can be used in the case. They will have to see whether the findings that have been made are relevant to the case that is being held in the court. The process that led to the findings must also be assessed by the court to see whether it was a straight forward process that can make the court to allow the finding s to be used in the court of law.

One is also allowed to challenge the findings made by the other party using relevant witnesses and other evidences that can be used to turn down the evidence placed in court. Just the same way the findings of the prosecution team are considered, the counter evidence from the accused is also considered whether they reach the required standards.

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