How to file for divorce

The only thing worse than a bad marriage is a terrible divorce –

An open letter to Orlando couples
considering divorce…

“No Lawyers, No Judges, and No Money-Draining Court Battles!…
Just a Proven Way Any Couple In Orlando Can Get a Divorce For Under $300.”
Custom Tailored & Constantly Updated to Fit Orlando Law… Now Orlando Couples Can Legally Divorce On the Web and Never Have to Set Foot In A Lawyer’s Office or Sterile Courtroom…And it’s 100% guaranteed to work or your money
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Dear Friend,

If you’re an Orlando resident considering divorce, this may be the most
important letter you will ever read…

Did you know last year, according to USA Today, there were 1.4 million
divorces filed in the United States costing upwards of $28 billion dollars? (That’s billion with a “B”!)

And that an estimated half of these 1.4 million divorce cases were done without a lawyer?

What you’re about to discover is a secret Orlando divorce lawyers pray
you never find out!

You see…

Over half the divorces filed every year are “uncontested” – which simply means the couple agrees on most everything. With an uncontested divorce, all they do is submit the proper paperwork to the courts and they are DONE.

As a result, attorneys never get involved and the divorces are done at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

The other half of these cases are called “contested” – which means the couple has disagreements about how to divide everything up in their divorce. But here’s a scary statistic: It’s estimated that over 80% of these cases started as “uncontested” cases, but once the attorneys got their claws into it, they became adversarial – or “contested”!

The following true story about Brian and Jennifer’s divorce is an all too common example. It tells how two normal, intelligent adults (who agreed on almost everything from the start) got hoodwinked into feeling vulnerable… and from there… how things turned ugly fast.

Buckle up and grab a tissue, this was…

Torn from the Diary of a Frustrated, Divorcing Husband…
July 11th

Well today was a long time coming… I finally told Jennifer that I wanted to get divorced. She knew it was coming. It has been a topic in our last blowouts.

I was very calm and so was she. We actually had a great discussion about everything. I have thought a lot about this over the last few months and I did a little studying about divorce topics and so I proposed a few ideas to her about how to deal with the kids and our debts and assets.

She really liked my proposals and thinks we can do this without a court battle. Funny.. we’re actually getting along better now than we have in a long time.

July 15th

I don’t know how to go about getting the divorce process underway. We both agree that this is an uncontested divorce but I don’t know if I can do this myself or if we have to hire attorneys.

Jennifer has a friend at work that just got divorced and had a good attorney. Jennifer is going to go talk to him tomorrow. I don’t know if I can use him as well.

July 31st

Jennifer had her free consultation with this attorney today. (It turned out to be anything but “free” – she charged 2-grand on my credit card!) She said he told her our case was a little more complicated because of the children and the fact that we have so much equity in our home.

How in the world does that make it more complicated?! We already agree on everything! We just need the papers written up!

I decided to call him to talk about it because I thought the price was a little high. I can’t believe how rude he was. He said he could not talk to me anymore because he was “representing” Jennifer. He made it sound like I was the enemy or something. Something just doesn’t feel “right” here.

August 15th

Jennifer has been so hard to reach for the last 2 weeks. She won’t call me back. I finally went over to the house to see if everything was ok.

She acted so distant. I begged her to tell me what was wrong.

She said her attorney told her not to talk to me any more!

I can’t believe this! We’re not even fighting!… in fact we’ve been getting along better than ever.

Heck.. the kids have even commented about how nice it’s been since we haven’t been fighting as much. But now she can’t talk to me?! What’s that all about!!!?

It’s not like I’m trying to screw her over or something! Why can’t we just put our agreement on paper and let the Judge look at it and tell us we’re divorced. What’s the purpose of all the smoke and mirrors?

This sucks. I’m getting really uncomfortable about all this.

August 20th

I can’t believe what happened today… I’m at work sitting in the break room with Jason and Tom from the IT department, when a man in a suit comes in and asks if any of us is “Brian Christiansen”. I told him I was and he hands me these papers and tells me I have been served divorce papers.

Talk about embarrassed!…

Talk about shocked!…

I thought this only happened with couples who disagreed and wanted to go to court!? I had no idea this was the way an uncontested divorce was done!

Why couldn’t she just bring them over to the house herself?

This isn’t like Jennifer. She would never do this to me.

I know we aren’t the best of friends, but she would not do this! Her attorney made her do this… I just know it! And the worst part is what the papers said.

She wants all the equity in the home and sole custody of the kids… and the HALF of my retirement and all of our antique furniture that was from my great grandmother! This is nothing like what we agreed on!

I can’t believe this is happening… what the hell is going on!!!

August 21st

This is unbelievable… now Jennifer not only won’t talk to me but she won’t even answer my emails! All she keeps saying is that I need to get an attorney to talk to her attorney!


I keep asking her that and she just won’t answer. I talked to her sister to try and get some answers. Jennifer told her, “This is how the game is played”.

I guess her attorney told her the best strategy is to ask for everything and hope to get more. Sheesh!… I was already giving here more than half of all we had!

She said her attorney told her she was crazy not to have formal “legal representation”. I don’t want formal “legal representation”! I just want to talk to Jennifer about how to get this mess fixed.

This makes me sick… what kind of message are we sending the kids? I don’t want them to see us acting like this. I’ve thought about this over and over… how did this unravel so quickly and so easily?

August 25th

I had a consultation with an attorney today. I asked him if he could just call the other attorney and see if he could reason with him. He told me that it’s just not how the system works. He said it’s more like a chess game… move… counter move, etc.

The problem here, I thought, is my kids are the pawns! And this guy wants $2,500 up-front to “play the game”!? Gimmie a break!

He also said my case could easily cost $10,000 dollars by the time it’s all finished! That’s ridiculous… I don’t want to put HIS KIDS through college! What about my own kids?! But if Jennifer wants a fight, I will give her a fight!


Now… the story you just read will likely cause every attorney in the state of Orlando to go into convulsions – because it’s 100% true! This is exactly how ordinary, calm, and reasonable couples turn into throat-cutting, emotion-driven maniacs!

Please “get” this… please understand one important message:

You Don’t HAVE To Get An Attorney
To Get Divorced In Orlando!*

(*However, if you have a situation where there has been any form of physical abuse – then having an attorney trained in these domestic dispute issues and/or a criminal attorney is strongly suggested)

Think about it… the first question most people ask when they decide to get a divorce is this:

Should I hire an attorney?

Now, to answer that question, just logically stop and think about what’s going to happen next… you’re probably going to go to the yellow pages, or the newspaper and look under “Divorce Lawyers in Orlando”, right?

Here’s what’s going to happen next: you’ll see an ad for a “Free Divorce Consultation”… so you’ll probably figure, “Hey… what the heck… it’s free, and I can at least find out what’s involved in getting my divorce done.”

Now, your initial “free” consultation with the lawyer will unfold in one of two possible scenarios…


  • He’ll try to convince you that you have a more complicated situation than you think you do.
  • Then he’ll use some intimidating legal mumbo-jumbo to make you think the agreements you and your spouse have come to are foolish, even silly – and without his “divine intervention” you will absolutely end-up getting screwed by your spouse!
  • And worse, he’ll convince you that by writing him a check for no less than $1,500 you won’t be making any more stupid mistakes.
    (At least this kind of shark gave you fair warning before they moved in for the kill, because scenario 2 is the worst kind of treachery and manipulation)


  • In this scenario, the attorney will actually try to “win you over” by lending a truly sympathetic ear… saying he wished that all cases could be uncontested and that couples could just settle with out having to beat-up on each other. This is what I call “the altruistic peace-loving approach”… and it’s nothing but a well-disguised sales pitch!
Give Me A Break!

Think about the logic of this… it’s totally stupid! It’s like a car mechanic telling you they wished that somebody would invent a completely maintenance free engine!… or a dentist wishing there was a new pill that would completely eliminate tooth decay!

It’s just not in their best interest!

DON’T BE DECEIVED!…bottom line is this: they want you to fight. They need you to fight. And they will do their absolute darndest to make sure you DO fight!

And you need to be careful not to fall prey to their clever tactics. Others have… and you can to.

In fact, it’s because of these conniving strategies, and the treachery and unbridled greed of attorneys, that Americans nationwide have now, more than ever, taken control of their legal decisions – including divorce – by attempting to handle legal problems on their own!

And that’s about the time the “Do-it-yourself movement” comes in.

Search the web and you’ll find all sorts of do-it-yourself divorce “kits” for dirt-cheap. But be warned… beyond the manipulative lawyers… you need to be cautious of some of these “do-it-yourself” products and services.

For example, there’s the’ole…

“Cut-and-Paste-From-Your-Neighbors-Divorce-Decree” Method:

15-years ago, there were very few people that even considered doing a divorce without an attorney. Most of the do-it-yourselfers back then would attempt to prepare their own documents by cutting and pasting pieces of existing divorce decrees (from a friend or relative) to create their own!

The problems with this are obvious.

Nobody ever really understood what they were agreeing to! And the agreements were, more times than not, done incorrectly – leaving court officials scratching their heads in disbelief and frustration… often times rejecting the divorce papers altogether.

Another Failed Government Experiment:
The”Divorce Packet”

The court’s answer to this problem was to provide “boilerplate packets” that included all the necessary fill-in-the-blank documents. These were usually provided for a minimal fee and the intent was to make it easier to complete.

The problem was the packets were a “one size fits all” and didn’t allow for any customization” (which is critically important as every divorce is like a fingerprint – there’s never two that are quite the same).

You got the same packet whether you had children or not or whether you wanted an alimony agreement or not. Most of the time when the government tries to make something easier they fail miserably. The “Divorce Packet experiment” was no exception.

Attorneys Fight Back!

The very same attorneys that once dominated the”divorce fee world” have seen a pretty sharp decline in business due to this “do-it-yourself movement”. Ironically, they changed their tune to now include a service that promoted “no conflict” divorces.

Unfortunately their fees remained the same, but cleverly disguised behind the often-used “bait and switch” techniques which advertised a $199 divorce.

Many divorces started at $199, but often, in the end, cost well into the thousands(again, attorneys would convince a couple that their situation was “special” because of kids, retirements or whatever else they wanted to make up).

“Doc Prep” Specialists and Paralegals
Join The Club…

Remember how attorneys once dominated the divorce market? Here’s a nasty little secret that very few people realize:

Attorneys Only Do About 10% Of The Work!

Paralegals and secretaries have always been the real engine behind preparing any documents. And before too long, the secretaries and paralegals who were doing all the work started to wise up!

They realized they could start their own “document preparation mills” and cut theattorney completely out! (As a result, there has been a steady stream of nasty court battles and lawsuits between these two professions – even today!)

But here are a few of the problems with paralegals and other divorce document specialists:

  • While they certainly cost less than using an attorney, their commitment to customer service has suffered. And more times than not, you’re going to be dissatisfied with how long they take… and even how shoddy their work can be.
  • Even worse, these Doc Prep service centers fail to stay updated on changing laws and divorce codes – and as a result, documents get done improperly. The good ones are forced to raise their prices and divorces still typically cost over $1000.00.
  • And now-a-days it’s not unusual to see a paralegal using the same old “bait and switch” tricks that attorneys use!

Don’t be fooled by personal service that claims to have the lowest cost divorce method. They’ll almost always use the old “bait and switch” technique to get you in the door… and then nail you with every little up-charge they can find!

The Internet Craze and Divorce in Cyberspace


Everything’s starting to get done on the Internet! You can bank online, you can shop for a mortgage online, and you can even buy a car online! Heck, you can even get your prescriptions online!

So the ability to get a divorce online really isn’t all that surprising.

And like we saw with Internet-based companies, eventually, only the strongest and best web companies survived the dot-com crash.

But now, there are literally hundreds of divorce websites that promise everything from mail order kits costing as little as $39 all the way to full service, fill-in-the-blank and “print-from-home” programs.

The truth is 99% of these websites will give you more frustration than they’re worth. Even the better websites are risky because of their claims to handle divorce documents for all 50 states. With the ever-changing divorce laws and statues, keeping up on the laws for all 50 states has got to be tough… which may mean that your divorce agreement is not up to date!

(For example… California recently changed every one of their forms!)

So where does all of this leave you?

It’s bad enough that dissolving a marriage is emotionally draining. But does it really have to be this time-consuming, costly, frustrating and full of uncertainty of when it will ever end?

No!… not if you and your partner can agree on what you want your divorce to look like. The Orlando Online Divorce Assistance Program™ offers a quick and inexpensive alternative to the “traditional” lawyer-inflamed divorce.

In fact, take a look at what some fellow citizens of Orange County have to say about the Orlando Online Divorce Assistance Program™:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the confidential nature of personal affairs, many of these testimonials have only initials or just first names. But these comments are all real and theyARE on file in our office. I will respect your privacy in the same way if you send me your feedback.

“It saved me a bundle, and it’s especially worthwhile if you have problems communicating with your spouse.”
— Sharon S. ~ Tempe, Arizona

“I cannot express how helpful his program has been for us. I only wish I would have used it sooner.”
— Michael P. ~ Flagstaff, Arizona

“This has been the easiest and most helpful (due to my military status). Thanks very much!”
— Angela D. ~ Payson, Arizona

“This service makes the hardship of filing for divorce a 1,2,3 process. Please thank your very attentive customer service representatives”
— Yong N. ~ Snowflake, Arizona

“This service seems very easy to use, comprehensive, and affordable. It’s something that just about anyone could do.”
— Bryant P. ~ Benson, Arizona

“Thank you very much. The divorce went through as easily as the paperwork was made.. When we first started, my spouse and I had a few differences not yet worked out, however, this made it easier for us to come to a mutual agreement.”
— Marissa ~ Tucson, Arizona

These people are all just like you… normal, everyday, ordinary people having challenges in their marriage, but who wanted to “get out” without infectious, toxic lawyers getting involved to heat things up that didn’t need to be heated up!

You’re no different.

You deserve the most “least-stressful” divorce on the planet – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the Orlando Online Divorce Assistance Program.

Now please understand – there are other alternatives for you. In fact, you should hop on to and do a search for “online divorce”. Search all you want… what you’re going to find are products and services that you and I have already talked about…

  • You’re going to find the “Do It Yourself Divorce Kits” for $39.95 that we’ve talked about… most of which will have out-of-date forms…
  • You’re going to find the dirt-cheap, bait-and-switch paralegals that we’ve talked about… they’ll bring you in for $99, and financially rape you for more…
  • Heck, you may even find a couple of other online services that do a pretty darn good job of getting your divorce done no matter what state you’re in.

And the bottom line is this:

You don’t really need ANY of these services… in fact…

You Don’t Even Need!

That’s right…

You don’t even need us to help you out!

The fact is, you can do a non-contested divorce yourself!… the papers are sitting down at your county courthouse waiting for you to come and pick up!

So if you’re brave enough, and you want to put-up with all the legalese and foreign terms… maybe you should go through the process yourself. But it can be really hard to figure-out on your own. And 80% of all of the divorces that are done this way end up back in court later because they were not done correctly.

You’ve got to have clean, up-to-date, accurate forms or they’ll just reject your papers.


Mostly because of “moody Court Clerks”! You read right!… moody Court Clerks. These people are sticklers!… and if they don’t like your handwriting, they’ll reject your papers!… and if they don’t like how you check-marked a box, they’ll reject your papers!

Even worse, if you ask them for any kind of advice, their stock answer is to turn up their nose and spout, “I’m not paid to give advice!”

Why put yourself through all the frustration and confusion when Orlando Online can fill out the forms for you over the Internet? It’s that easy. And the process can take less than half an hour.

But… when you choose any of these other ways of getting a divorce, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the benefits that you get with Orlando Online

  • You can go at your own pace… maybe work on it 20-minutes today, save it… and then come back tomorrow to do some more. There’s no time limit on how quickly you have to fill out the information.
  • Top Orlando Lawyers was designed especially for Orlando Residents Only!Many of the other Online Divorce Programs will do your documents but they don’t specialize in preparing Orlando divorces… they do it for all 50 states.Now, in case it’s not obvious… there’s a serious problem with doing it this way. Laws and statutes are changing all the time. And just keeping-up with ONE state requires a lot of effort and time… let alone if a company’s trying to monitor the laws and legislative changes of all 50 states! And hey, unless they have a team of legal gurus in every single state, chances are, they’re missing some critical details.This site is for Orlando residents only. We have legal specialists that monitor the changes in Orlando Divorce law daily and our site is guaranteed to be up to date with any changes so you have up-to-the-minute explanations of the legal questions – your documents are “done right the first time”!
  • You have one flat fee… with no “bait and switch” up-selling. The price is $277.00 no matter how simple or complex your divorce situation is. We don’t charge more (like many other services) if you have children, a home, retirements, debts or assets (like any normal, sane person has!)
  • Your information will be saved on our secure servers forever. This is good because if you ever want to refer back to your agreement you will simply just login and there it is. This also makes it much easier if you need to modify your divorce agreement at a later time. (Example: Your incomes change and you need to modify child support)And your information will be completely safe-guarded with the latest advances in encryption technology so you can rest assured your divorce affairs will be completely and 100% private and confidential.

You Get An Unconditional Guarantee! Finding a guarantee in any legal service is like trying to find the Miami Dolphins in a Superbowl! It just doesn’t happen.

And trying to get your money back from an attorney is like asking a starving crocodile to please let go of your leg. But our guarantee promises…

We’ll Do The Documents Right The First Time And In The Unlikely Event There Is A Mistake We Will Either Fix The Mistake Immediately Or Refund Your Money With No Hassle.
  • You Get 24/7 Assistance! The Arizona Online website has been painstakingly refined to make the process so unbelievably easy that anyone can use it. If, however, you have any questions during the process about anything, ANYTHING, you can simply pick up the phone and call or email our trained legal specialists to assist you.NO OTHER ONLINE OR ON-THE-STREET SERVICE WILL DO THIS!
With Around 40-Minutes Of Your Time Invested In Going Through The Process Answering Questions, You Can Have Your Divorce Papers Ready With Just A Click Of The Mouse And A Credit Card!

That’s right.

If you and your current spouse can agree on how to split things up (including any children), there’s no need for you to even step inside the office of a lawyer or into a judge’s chamber.

ArizonaOnlineDivorce.Com Gives Unhappy Arizona Couples an Easy Way to End Their Marriages Without the Pain and Expense of a Trip to the Courthouse.

Now, Arizona Online doesn’t change Arizona state law. A judge still has to review your case. But with Arizona Online getting a divorce has never been less complicated and less stressful for Arizona couples!

And a less stressful divorce would sure make your life easier, right?

After all, one of the hardest things on a family can be a divorce that has mom and dad locking horns in a hot dispute with lawyers at their sides. Sure, it’s more profitable for the lawyers… but it can do a lot of long-term damage to your family… especially your kids.

Besides that, you really don’t need to pay a fortune to get your divorce done if you already have a basic agreement of who gets what, and when.

Arizona Online is inexpensive, yet thorough. It’s a proven way that thousands of people have used to get their divorce papers ready to deliver to the courthouse for less than $300, and never even have to leave their home!

Here’s how it works:

Arizona Online prompts you all the way through the legal process with plain English explanations of legal statutes and guidelines.

Some of the questions are yes or no, some of them are multiple choice. And throughout the entire process you’ll have help along the way in the form of little pop-up boxes with detailed explanations and examples so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

And, if at any point you just don’t understand the question, you can simply email us or pick-up the phone and call our friendly service representatives anytime day or night, 7-days a week and get their thoughtful assistance.

Arizona Online will walk you and your divorcing spouse step-by-step through such issues as:

  • Dividing your property – who’ll get the equity if and when you sell the home?
  • How do you calculate child support payments?
  • How to figure out any alimony amounts.
  • Deciding where the kids celebrate birthdays
  • Who’s going to pay for things like: Little League, Soccer, Dance Lessons, Prom Dresses, etc., etc., etc.
  • Who’s in charge of getting and paying for medical insurance?.. co-pays, deductibles, prescriptions for the kids, emergency room costs, etc?
  • How are you going to split-up your retirement plan?
  • Who’s going to pay off your credit cards?
  • Which one of you will get the tax deduction on the mortgage this year?
  • Who gets to claim the kids on their taxes?
  • And every other important issue you can imagine.

Once your online form is completed, the sophisticated website software then uses your answers to fill out the legal documents. You simply print out the papers, sign them, and mail or drop them off at the courthouse!

It’s Easy, Secure, and Fast…

What’s more, the software “engine” that runs Arizona Online wasn’t set-up by some rinky-dink bunch of computer programmers who don’t know what they’re doing.

In fact, a team of experienced lawyers (there really are a few good ones out there!) have developed it, and have been featured in national TV and in national newspapers. Check out what some of the deep-digging investigative reporters have to say about it…

“People who cannot afford a lawyer finally have a divorce alternative.”
— Tech TV“The program is more than just a collection of virtual legal forms that can be filled out online. Instead, it actually walks participants through the entire divorce processs.”
— ABC News“Gives the unhappily wed a way of dissolving their marriages online.”
— USA Today“The most private method of resolving these personal issues.”
— New York Daily NewsIt’s also been written up in several other news outlets — take a look:

  • LA Times
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Miami Herald
  • NBC Today Show
  • The Portland Tribune
  • The Sacramento Bee
  • CBS Early Show
  • CNN Headline News
  • National Public Radio

Now please understand I’m not showing you this list to brag!

I just figure, if you’re going to do business with someone, you ought to know that they’re “for real”… and that they’re reliable.

And with this kind of positive press, it’s pretty obvious that Arizona Online is not only reliable… it’s top-notch! And it’s something you can feel good about being a part of.

Now let me wrap this up…

The truth is… when you got married, divorce was the farthest thing from your mind. And it’s certainly not something you’d ever wish on someone… let alone yourself.

You always hope that people can work things out. But if you are going to get a divorce, you might as well make it easy on yourself. You will save yourself a lot of stress and a lot of hurt by doing your divorce online here at Arizona Online

You know that going to a lawyer is going to be extremely expensive, and even worse, will bring you a lot more added heart ache than it’s worth – if only because lawyers tend to create tension between a couple.

Lawyers have a tendency to push you and try to get you to “fight” for things you don’t really want to be fighting over… and that can make it hard on both of you.

And, by law, a lawyer can only represent one of you… he can’t represent both of you. So that really puts a damper on getting an uncontested divorce in Arizona with a lawyer involved – cause you know one of you is going to get the short end of the stick.

And that’s not what you and your partner want… not if you’re still reading this right now.

Arizona Online has everything you need to turn the tables on the traditional ways of getting a divorce…

… no time-wasting court appearances,
… no expensive legal fees,
… no intimidating meetings with lawyers,
… and no wasting time on ill-conceived “divorce kits” or paralegal services.

Now you can do it all yourself, from the comfort of your own home… and all at your own pace. You can spend 10-minutes on it today, then save your work and come back to it tomorrow to finish it up. It’s all up to you.

And remember, Arizona Online comes with a rock-solid, ironclad guarantee:

You get a 100% guarantee that you’ll be able to obtain a divorce using the documents produced by the Arizona Online Divorce Assistance Program™.

This is not a guarantee that you will get a divorce if you decide to stay together, of course!

But in the event the documents are rejected due to the fault of, you’ll be given a complete, no questions asked 100% refund of your money!

You have nothing to lose except all the time-wasting, expensive aggravation that a “traditional” divorce will put you through. And I know you’re not interested in that.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your family to get your divorce done the right way?… the peaceful way? Click on the “Get Started Now” button (below) to start the easy 2 Step Process. Then get with your spouse and set a time together to go through the process.

You deserve a “happy divorce”… I know that sounds weird – but it sure beats the alternative.

Warmly Yours for a Peaceful, Money-Saving, Divorce,

Preston Davis

P.S. If you and your partner can agree on what you want your divorce to look like, then is for you. You can divorce easily with no lawyers, no judges, and no money-draining court battles… all for just $277. And it’s 100% guaranteed to work or your money will be promptly refunded, no questions asked!

P.P.S. If you are reading this report online, it may be a good idea to print it out and share it with your spouse A.S.A.P.

P.P.P.S. By the way, if you’re having some major disagreements with your spouse about your divorce and can’t seem to reach an agreement on anything, there is still some good news… You can still use the Arizona Online Divorce Assistance ProgramTM!

Here’s how:

Start the process with Do as much of the agreement as you can. On the areas where you have disagreements, try using a divorce mediator.

Don’t even think about calling an attorney until you first have talked with a divorce mediator (there will be some listed in your phonebook).

Mediators are trained in family law just like an attorney but they don’t take sides! They’ll happily work with both of you, for both of you, and can help you reach an agreement.

Once you have an agreement on the issues, come back to the website and finish things up! A simple solution right at the click of your mouse!

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