AN UNBIASED VIEW OF CASH – RETIREMENT PLANS The retired person’s date of conception is utilized to decide the age of the beneficiary as of the calculation date. It is important to decide the normal life span of the subject. Since most characterized advantage benefits arrangements are for the life of the retired person, the […]


The uniform act is an inclusive act the states the situations that can lead to findings being rendered unenforceable in the legal process in any court of law. The fact that findings made by one party in case are availed in the court of law does not make it to qualify to be enforced by […]

Marital Assets and Liabilities

Marital estate is defined as everything owned when a couple was married. In legal terms it means both the assets and liabilities of the couple. To find out the assets the following equation is used: Everything that the couple owned (assets) Debts that are owned (liability) This equals the amount of the marital estate. The […]

Tips For Testifying

Testifying At Your Hearing-Part 2 Avoid guessing at an answer unless you are asked to do so by a member of the court. If you are estimating, then you need to make sure the court knows that you are guessing. Unless instructed, don’t volunteer any information. Less is sometimes better when it comes to the […]

Preparing For a Custody Evaluation

Kids – Preparing for Custody Evaluation Preparing For a Custody Evaluation Both participants in divorces normally dispute custody in the beginning of most divorce cases. However, most issues are normally rectified by counsel and the mediation process inherent in the court. In other cases, the judge has ways to prod participants into a reasonable settlement […]