Orlando Florida Lawyers For All Your Needs

Divorce Lawyers in OrlandoNeed Divorce Lawyers in Orlando? There are several fine Orlando Florida lawyers and law firms that specialize in family law. They handle divorce, marriage prenuptial agreements, spousal and child abuse, adoption, child custody, support and visitation, annulment, alimony, property settlements and much more. Any issue that may come up in a family can be handled by a family lawyer in Orlando. One reason that the field of family law is growing is because more and more couples are getting divorced unfortunately. Also there is a large amount of turnover in this specialty field. Every day you deal with emotionally charged situations, and this will take its toll. Legal issues involving children can be especially trying.

Orange County and Orlando Florida lawyers may live near the happiest place on earth, but if you are in need of a criminal lawyer you are probably not very happy. An Orlando criminal lawyer deals with murder from a first degree murder charge to involuntary manslaughter. Other crimes include assault and battery, rape, theft, robbery, fraud and burglary. Criminal defense attorneys also handle alcohol related crimes such as selling alcohol and liquor to a minor, public intoxication, DUI and DWI. You may remember Barney Fife busting up a moonshine still with an ax on The Andy Griffith Show, but there are still arrests for the illegal manufacture of alcoholic beverages, another alcohol related crime.

People who have seemingly insurmountable financial woes may look for Orlando Florida lawyers who are experts in bankruptcy. You should be sure that you are comfortable with the lawyer, because you will be revealing personal financial problems. If you have suffered a personal injury at the hands of a healthcare professional, you may need the help of Orlando malpractice lawyers. Malpractice suits do not only involve doctors – they could involve nurses, dentists and therapists. Legal malpractice means that an attorney causes harm to his client due to his negligence.

Many Orlando Florida lawyers as well as attorneys in Miami, Tampa and other areas specialize in immigration law. New immigrants are typically issued a work visa or a green card when they enter the country. The amount of time they can legally stay in the country is printed on the card. Immigration law is particularly complicated, so it often takes a team of lawyers to work on a case. If an immigrant has any legal trouble – even an auto accident – he should call a lawyer to understand his rights.